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Nice pencil sharpener

For sharpening your pencils, not your photos.
Classic Camera Pencil Sharpener

Classic Camera Pencil Sharpener

Ok, so long long ago there were these things called cameras. Not cameras like a tiny thing on your phone, but real cameras that used something called film. And get this: there were things called pencils that resembled a stylus but could actually write on non-touchscreen devices called paper. Time to combine all these relics of the past into something special. We give you the Classic Camera Pencil Sharpener.

Ok, so we were just being silly; we know what cameras and film are and all that. The Classic Camera Pencil Sharpener is all about celebrating those things. It looks like an old twin lens reflex camera, but sharpens pencils. Just inset pencil into the top “lens” and turn the crank in the back. The bottom lens is clear, so you can see the shavings pile up (and know when you need to empty). Heck, it even has a sharpness adjustment knob, so you get your favorite number 2 just so. With a Classic Camera Pencil Sharpener on your desk, everyone will always know you love photography and old school cameras (and you can make sure your pencils are really sharp to “greet” those folks who ask you what this pencil sharpener is supposed to look like)!

Classic Camera Pencil Sharpener

It looks like an old time twin lens reflex camera, but it sharpens pencils.
The top part pulls out as added pencil support (the side button releases the pencil holding internal nib finger things).
Sharpness adjustment knob.
Bottom drawer pulls out to empty – and the lower lens is clear so you can see when you’re full!
Rubber bottom (giggle) to protect your desk a bit.
Dimensions: 4.5″ x 2.5″ x 4″