Tony Peri is the Indiana Jones of photography.

Courtesy of  mainlinephoto blog

Tony Peri is a guy with a mission in life. He is a local artist/photographer who specialises in historic and alternative printing processes. He is helping bring about a modern day resurrection of old skool printing technique’s from a century ago. When you first meet Tony you would never suspect that this unassuming fellow with an ever grinning face is really the Indiana Jones of the antiquarian photographic world delving into long lost and little known ancient photographic techniques.


Tony with his trusty street photo kit a graflex 4×5

I always love to ask Tony what his latest camera acquisition has been. He never disappoints with his response as he always has something cool… “Oh I just got this great half plate Lancaster camera from 1895″ I’m really looking forward to using it.


Artists studio. Bromoil print ( Peri Collection)

Here are some of Tony’s works done with a technique known as Bromoil where handmade pigment inks are used to make a print that can take up to three days. These works of art are even more archival than silver gelatin.


The harbour side… Pinhole photo and bromoil print. ( Peri collection)

Currently some of Tony’s work is on display in our showroom so if your passing by pop in to have a look.

Tony is self taught in many of these early photographic technique’s as quite often very little information is available about these almost lost arts. It really is refreshing to know someone who is doing this type of work and doing it well. In the short time his prints have been upon our wall the number of comments has been incredible… folks really do notice this type of work. In an age where high dynamic range and photo illustration rule and the sole quest for photographers seems perfect sharpness and maximum quality… Tony we need more folks like you! Visit Tony’s website here!