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One Man’s Quest to Save a Haunting 5,000-Portrait Archive from the Clutches of Time

For going on two decades after the end of World War I, Costica Ascinte was quite possibly the only professional photographer in all of Romania. He continued to work right up until his death in 1984, by which point he had accumulated over 5,000 glass plate negatives and several hundred prints — a visual history […]

100.000 negatives found from street photographer Vivian Maier

Man tikt 100.000 filmnegatieven van schitterende foto’s op de kop voor $380 bij lokale veiling Beeld je dit eens in: misschien wel de belangrijkste straatfotografe van de twintigste eeuw was een nanny die alles voor zichzelf hield. Ook haar foto’s. Niemand kreeg ooit één foto van haar te zien. Tientallen jaren later, in 2007, kocht […]

New York 1980’s

Amazing Photos Of 1980s New York City by Steven Siegel All of Steven Siegel’s work is timeless and truly highlights the raw state, that New York City found itself in the 1980’s. Be sure to check out Steven’s work on his Flickr page. Brooklyn Bridge circa the 1980s   Broken shop window   Junkyard subway, […]

Living on the edge

1896-1907: Victorian Cliff House “Cliff House has had five major incarnations since its beginnings in 1858. In 1896, Adolph Sutro built a new Cliff House, a seven story Victorian Chateau, called by some “the Gingerbread Palace”, below his estate on the bluffs of Sutro Heights. Great throngs of San Franciscans arrived on steam trains, bicycles, […]