Restoration of Genealogy Photos

When you want to make old pictures suitable for use in genealogy project you might scan them and restore them to see what was realy on the image before it got distorted. I my self use professional scanner like the Epson V750 Pro as a flatbed and the Nikon coolscan 4000 ed for mu 35mm film and slides. Both scanners have so caled ICE technology that restore colors and remove dust and scratches, when you have no such pro equipment you might visit sites like for info and tips about scanning images and photo’s

Before After

This is a 1917 photo, somewhat faded and damaged with a crease. It has been cut into an oval shape, and has the back of an old cardboard frame glued to it. The original is on the left, and the restored image is at the right.

The important tools are the histogram for restoring contrast, and the Clone Tool for repairing damage. <read more…>